Sofia slams those comparing her & Sana Khan

Sofia slams those comparing her & Sana Khan

Former actress Sana Khan who left showbiz to serve humanity, recently tied the knot with Gujarat-based, Mufti Anas in a private ceremony, and their wedding pictures went viral on the internet comparing her with Sofia Hayat who became a nun in 2016 and changed her name to Gaia Sofia Mother.
Talking about it during a recent interview, Sofia took a dig at those who compared her with Sana and shared that she is ‘fed up’ with the comparisons. Wondering what’s wrong with ‘low-minded and low vibrational’ people to link her with Sana, Sofia added that she believes spirituality isn’t about what dress one wears as she is more spiritual in her ‘nudity’ than when fully dressed.

Further calling them ‘fake spiritualists’, Sofia defended Sana and added that people who can only compare, judge and talk bad about others are non-spiritual as Sana can do anything that she wants while people must respect everyone on this planet.
She also revealed that not wearing her nun’s outfit every day doesn’t make her less spiritual as she is still Mother Sofia and spiritual from within.

Meanwhile, Sana Khan who has changed her name to Sayied Sana Khan, has not yet commented on this.

Source From : Times Of India

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