Can delay in January JEE Main 2021 address aspirants’ plight

Can delay in January JEE Main 2021 address aspirants’ plight

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has not released the January Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2021 date as yet. It has raised the sceptre of uncertainty among engineering aspirants who are torn between fear (that the exam might be postponed or cancelled due to rise in COVID cases) and hope (that they may have more time for revisions). As per media reports, sources in the NTA and the Ministry of Education have said that though the exam will not be cancelled, it may be delayed because of the pandemic.

“January JEE Main 2021 examinations may be rescheduled depending upon the dates of the board examinations so as to avoid clash of dates,” says retired senior IIT-Delhi faculty on condition of anonymity who is also advisor of NTA. “In a country where students do not have adequate online and internet access, the need for offline classes and physical centres for students’ evaluation is of utmost importance. Unless schools reopen in a full-fledged manner, students’ learning is far from complete. In a such a scenario, to conduct exams in a timely manner, can pose a huge challenge.”

Pointing to CBSE’s syllabus reduction in 2020 and lack of uniformity across all boards, he explains that the decision to reduce JEE Main syllabus is yet to be taken. Since the exam is the only means to assess students to gain admission to the country’s top technical institutes, hence, to bring about changes in the assessment mode may heighten students’ anxiety levels and leave them more confused, he adds.
The students, meanwhile, are a worried lot since the application process for January 2020 JEE Main had begun in September 2019. But then, since the April exam this year was delayed until September due to the pandemic, the next exam in January may get delayed due to the ongoing health crisis.
For S Kavin Sundarr, class XII student of Ridge Valley School, Gurugram, these are stressful times, as he is yet to start the revision for January JEE Main. “Online classes have made it difficult for us to complete both JEE Main and CBSE syllabus on time. Our confidence has dipped as well as our focus due to lack of outdoor sports and excessive screen times. But giving the January JEE Main a miss is not an option as I fear losing out on one academic year. Let us hope the exam gets delayed, helping us to progress with our revision and syllabus,” he says.
Aspirants, according to Sujeet Kumar Rai, Physics faculty (IIT-JEE), are in a state of complete dilemma about the dates, pattern and syllabus of the exam in January. “NTA should provide the syllabus and sample papers to dispel doubts and confusion. This will boost students’ confidence and enhance their preparation process,” he says.
“Since aspirants are clear about their board syllabus, most of them will focus on their board preparation. NTA should conduct exams as per schedule with proper safety measures in place. In the event of growing uncertainty amid the pandemic, there should be only one JEE Main exam instead of two which should ideally be held in the month of April or May,” Rai suggests. Source From : Times Of India

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