Science is fundamental to practice of medicine, says Dr Katsufrakis to students

Science is fundamental to practice of medicine, says Dr Katsufrakis to students

MANIPAL: Curtains came down on 3-day 28th e-convocation of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) here on Sunday. Dr Peter J Katsufrakis, president and CEO of National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), USA who addressed the recently graduated students virtually hoped that they will remember the lesson the pandemic has taught us and remember that science is fundamental to the practice of medicine.
Dr Katsufrakis, said, “So while you may be completing your medical education, the reality is that you will continue to be students – students of medicine, and students of science for the rest of your careers. But that is not a burden. That is an opportunity for you to participate in advancement of the human race in the field of medicine.” He advised the students to have courage to speak truth, to advocate for science and to advocate for your patients
Advising them to be resilient, he said this is to pick ourselves up when despite our best efforts patients do not achieve outcomes we would hope for while we face other challenges in our professional life. Where things are not going as they might in our personal lives, we need the resilience to stand up and to move on and to continue to strive to do necessary work, Dr Katsufrakis said and congratulating all the students who graduated on the day.

Dr C S Thammaiah, pro-VC, Mangaluru campus said, “You live in an era where the pace of technology transition is taking place at a mind boggling pace. Even as I speak, new concepts are being introduced, established paradigms are being refined, and research is opening new vistas. The change being driven by path breaking research is both exhilarating and mesmerizing. As young graduates, it will be your challenge.”

Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, vice-chancellor, MAHE addressed the graduates. Manoj M Wagle, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sunanda S Rao, Manipal School of Information Sciences, Manipal received the Dr TMA Pai gold medal winners on the day. Vasanthi R Pai, trustee MAHE, Dr H S Ballal, pro-chancellor, pro VCs – PLNG Rao, Dilip G Naik, Narayana Sabhahit, registrar and other statutory officers were present.
Source From : Times Of India

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