CBSE 2021 Board Exams, 5 Tips to score high

CBSE 2021 Board Exams, 5 Tips to score high

Still not clear about the Reduced Syllabus?

Coupled with the Corona pandemic anxiety is the worry of students preparing for Board Examination. Absence of classroom learning, the teachers and a routine study schedule has multiplied the stress of students. The CBSE Board’s efforts to reduce the syllabus for 2021 Board Exams might go in vain as many learners still have a blurred understanding of the reduced syllabus.

To address these concerns, here are 5 tips that will help students score well.

1. Adhere to the Reduced Syllabus

A ray of hope in the these trying times is the reduction in syllabus. However, this will bring results only when students understand and stay glued to the reduced syllabus. Learning it all and following the old books will be a major road block to good scores. Hence, Oswaal Books introduces its CBSE Question Banks strictly based on the “Latest & Reduced” syllabus for 2021 Exams. They include Revision Notes, Concept Videos, Examiners’ Comments for an in-depth preparation for Board Exams. For the changed pattern and syllabus, Oswaal Question Banks are the perfect guide for a comprehensive preparation. Check them out here:


2. Adopting Quick Learning Strategies

No matter how reduced the syllabus is, it still instils fear in the minds of many to go through the entire text. Hence, studying from innovative learning techniques like mnemonics, which help learners memorize quickly through keywords and acronyms, can save a lot of time. One such innovative learning tool, provided in Oswaal CBSE Question Banks are Mind-Maps. Mind Maps presents each chapter through flow charts and diagrams. This immensely helps students to revise the entire chapter at a quick glance. It’s a huge respite for learners who are overwhelmed with the content of the book.

3. Getting acquainted with the Important Topics

The thought of going through the entire chapter again can be worrisome for students. Hence, highlighting key topics can come handy for quick learning and revision at the end. But how to know which topics are important? Oswaal Books introduces ‘One for All’ for class 10th to provide a deeper lens into the questions that are most likely to appear in Board and Competitive Exams like NTSE, Olympiads etc. The book includes Diksha Questions as well as Questions for Olympiad, MAT and NTSE preparation, in addition to Previous Years’ Board Questions. The book aims to help students to have deeper understanding of key concept.


4. Practice and an eye towards Commonly Made Errors

Many a times, students are unable to perform to their best even after knowing all the answers. There are many grammatical or content mistakes done by the students. Hence, while preparing for exams, the students must be aware of such common errors. Training the mind to avoid repetition of past mistakes through practice can act as a catalyst in achieving learning goals. The students should also go through Topper’s Answer Sheets to learn how to write perfect answers. Oswaal Question Banks & One for All provide the latest Topper’s Handwritten Answers, Solved Board Examination Papers and Commonly Made Errors to meet these needs.

5. Scheduling is the key

Always follow a systematic strategy while studying. Burdening your mind with lots of thoughts and formulae may lead you to lose your focus. Make a daily achievable target and avoid overdoing things. Chapter-wise and topic-wise material from Oswaal Books can help you form the most simplified pattern of studying.


Board Exam Preparations can be unsettling for many students, but a selection of the right study material and a perfect strategy can make all the difference. Having years of experience in the publishing industry, Oswaal Books aims to provide the most updated and relevant study material, to simplify students’ learning.

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Source From : Times Of India

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