SC Contempt case: ‘I don’t intend to retract tweet or apologise,’ says Kunal Kamra

SC Contempt case: ‘I don’t intend to retract tweet or apologise,’ says Kunal Kamra

NEW DELHI: Stand up comic Kunal Kamra on Friday said that he is ready to face the contempt proceedings against him and his views haven’t changed.
“No lawyers, No apology, No fine, No waste of space,” Kamra tweeted.

Kamra said that his views are unchanged and the “silence of Supreme Court on other issues of personal liberties need to be highlighted”.
“I don’t intend to retract my tweet or apologise for them. I believe they speak for themselves,” Kamra added.

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Kamra’s tweets are not only not funny, they are in poor taste. But they are not worth litigating. The Supreme Court should treat them with the contempt they deserve – rather than dignifying them with its time and attention, it should ignore them. It’s best that it reserves its powers of contempt for matters of greater consequence, such as when its rulings are willfully disobeyed.

On Thursday, Attorney General KK Venugopal granted consent for initiation of criminal contempt proceedings against stand-up comic artist Kunal Kamra for his tweets which allegedly criticised the Supreme Court, saying the tweets are in “bad taste” and it is time that people understand that attacking the apex court brazenly will attract punishment.
The move comes after a Mumbai-based advocate on Wednesday sought the permission to initiate contempt proceedings against the comedian for his ‘derogatory’ tweets criticising Supreme Court for granting interim bail to TV journalist Arnab Goswami in an abetment to suicide case.
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