Anupria: A man tried to take advantage of me

Anupria: A man tried to take advantage of me

Anupria Goenka- the ‘Padmaavat‘, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai‘ and ‘War’ girl, who has also done ‘Sacred Games’ and MX Player’s ‘Aashram’- narrates a shocking episode in her life wherein thankfully she sensed that something was wrong and took stock of the situation in time.
In a video interview (embedded below) published on ETimes this morning, Ms Goenka said that she has had good and bad experiences with godmen. Currently in her life, there’s someone who’s not a godman or a spiritual leader but an astrologer whom she seeks counselling from. “Whenever I am flustered or clueless, he is my go-to person. He gives me a sense of peace. It’s almost like hearing the voice of God, it’s a treasure to have someone like that,” shares the actress.

Exclusive: Shocking! Anupria Goenka reveals, 'A spiritual leader tried to take advantage of me when I was 18'


But Anupria is clear that she is not going to give the reins of her life to someone, “Having said that I need to be laying my faith in my hard work and my capabilities. In case if certain things don’t work out for me they are either because of my shortcomings or not meant for me. A human cannot turn your life upside down and do miracles for you. I can trust someone but cannot empower that person to control me and lose my instincts.” And this is apparently coming from two things – her father’s tryst with spirituality and a bad experience she had when she was 18-years-old.

Anupria continues, “My father was extremely spiritually inclined. My definition of spirituality is believing in the universe, believing in the existence of some external force that is above us, believing in good thoughts and doing things to help others. I like to believe there’s God as it makes me feel better. But for my dad, spirituality was always finding babas and godmen, going completely berserk and dedicating one’s self to a certain aastha. He lost focus and it harmed the family as it incapacitated him to work and put all of us in a difficult spot.”

Anupria’s narrates her bitter experience with a spiritual leader and says, “My family trusted him very heavily. Even I had started to believe in him. He sounded reasonable and said just the right things, he sounded very practical. But he tried to take advantage of me. I was 18 then. That scarred me for a very, very long time. Thankfully, I did not let him take advantage. I was able to escape the situation. I knew I had to hear my instincts, though I had to fight them for a while. I had started to see signs and gauged from prior meetings that something was amiss. I kept doubting myself because I had believed in him for so long and didn’t think it was possible.”

And how is her father today? Does he still run after babas and godmen? “Ya, he still functions like that. But he is now an aged person and we don’t allow him to take extreme steps. But if given a chance…,” she trails off, and then adds, “It starts affecting his health because he gets so heavily invested in it.”

Source From : Times Of India

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