#HowIMadeIt! Anupria: Must learn to say no

#HowIMadeIt! Anupria: Must learn to say no

‘Padmaavat’, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and ‘War’, isn’t that enough if you have been noticed and appreciated in all these three biggies to make it to #HowIMadeIt? Our guest this week was also a part of ‘Sacred Games’ and MX Player’s ‘Aashram’? Here’s Anupria Goenka this week to tell you all about her journey, which of course has had its share of lows as well.

#HowIMadeIt, Anupria Goenka: "I have no problems with cuss words and intimate scenes"


The young lady starts off by telling us that she deep dived into acting so much, but uses the word ‘organic’ which is coming out of ears now if you are a part of any office, that she cannot recall the day when she decided that mujhe actress hi banna hai aur kuch nahin.

The lesbian couple ad I did got me no backlash at all

The Myntra ad, which came a bit soon in her career, made her someone who everyone knew on the Internet at least. A bold ad of a lesbian couple, but Anupria says that she didn’t invoke any backlash (you know it is nowadays, you are criticised practically for everything different you do and almost every move of yours has its fair, err, large number of critics) because it was shot very gracefully. “Not a single negative comment,” she reteriates.

I did get demotivated and deflated

Next came the auditions. Anupria says, “I think the success percentage in auditions is 20 per cent, at least for me it was 20.” This gave her moments when she felt deflated and demotivated, especially if some of those lost projects meant a lot to her. “It gets to you. But I didn’t let it affect me by asking questions ‘why it’s happening to me’. I carried on and realised the uncertainty that this carrier brings, it changes gears and forms but it’s an uphill task all the time; you are like a freelancer if you are an actor, ” says Ms Goenka.

Something was not right in some projects and I didn’t take them up
Saying that the b-i-g splash yet eludes her, though not in the same words, Anupria adds, “I am still looking for the role that would squeeze all my creativity from me.” And just like the norm of every journey, Anupria has lost some and win some. “There are projects that you walk away from. You must learn to say ‘no’ where it is required. I have had offers which I was on the verge of signing but understood just in time that something was amiss.”

I will not do anything that objectifies women
Are the web show makers pushing the envelope a bit too far when it comes to cuss words and intimate scenes? Anupria disagrees but suggests that she will put her foot down if anything is being done for just the heck of it or to objectify women. “Else I have no problem using cuss words and doing intimate scenes,” but adds, “There is no doubt content out there which has been put together to titillate people, but I haven’t seen that.”
OTT platforms need to work more on stories and not quantity
Anupria now rings the big alarm bell which all streaming platforms must sit up and take notice of. “The pre-production part is pretty loose. We are not working enough in the writing department. We are concentrating on quantity maybe due to streaming platforms having some compulsions, but stories tend to loose the essence somewhere.” OTT platforms need to give this a consideration. Anupria might be the true whistle-blower to something that can happen similar to what happened to the corporate houses who were funding films with weak stories and exorbitant costs not too long ago and created deep holes in their pockets.

Extremely happy with MX Player’s ‘Aashram’, she holds high regards for Prakash Jha who did a brilliant job with the Bobby Deol led show.

The tete-a-tete gets really candid in its second half. See the video (embedded above) in case you still haven’t.
Source From : Times Of India

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