Kenya-based teacher awarded 2020 Ahimsa Award in UK

Kenya-based teacher awarded 2020 Ahimsa Award in UK

LONDON: Kenya-based teacher Peter Tabichi, who was awarded the $1 million Global Teacher Prize last year, has been conferred the 2020 Ahimsa Award by the Trustees of the Institute of Jainology in London.

The Institute of Jainlology (IOJ) represents 32 UK-based Jain organisations in government and inter-religious affairs and this year’s award was announced at the 18th Jain All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Ahimsa Day meeting last month.

The award celebrates the Jain tenets of Ahimsa or non-violence and compassion.

“He personifies peace, love and compassion in his work with both his students and his community, and truly represents the message of Ahimsa. We look forward to seeing his ongoing success as well as being a beacon for teachers and community leaders everywhere,” said IOJ Managing Trustee Dr Mehool Sanghrajka.

Tabichi is a maths and physics teacher from Pwani village in the poverty-stricken and frequently drought-hit region of Nakuru in Kenya’s Rift Valley.

He was chosen for this year’s honour for his work in dramatically improving attendance at his school, reducing levels of local violence and even teaching local communities how to grow crops that can resist famine.

“That Jainology is all about non-violence and compassion, is very dear to my heart as a religious man,” said Tabichi.

The Jain All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) promotes the principles of Jainism, with Ahimsa Day marked in the month of October to coincide with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions this year, the Ahimsa Day meeting took place online with members including Labour Party MP Gareth Thomas, the chair of the Jain APPG, and Conservative Party MP Bob Blackman, its deputy chair.
Source From : Times Of India

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