Not easy to disaffiliate AP medical colleges withholding certificates: Official

Not easy to disaffiliate AP medical colleges withholding certificates: Official

AMARAVATI: At a time when private medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh are harassing students by depriving them of certificates, an official from the university which oversees them said it is not easy to cancel their affiliation.

“This is a big issue. They are affiliated colleges and disaffiliation is the final event. But if you want to disaffiliate, you have to adjust all the existing students, thousands of them, in some other colleges,” K. Sankar, the registrar of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, told IANS.

Since such a move is not possible, considering there are not many medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh where the affected students could be accommodated, private colleges have put the students, the government as well as the varsity in a difficult position.

“That’s why we are not taking that step. The government is also not taking that step,” he said.

The registrar admitted that the university is in a helpless position as the colleges are brazenly disobeying orders.

As many as 271 medical, dental, ayurveda, homeopathy and other colleges are affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences located in Vijayawada.

The university instructed the colleges to issue certificates to the students as the court has to take the final call on how much tuition fee students have to pay.

When the colleges hiked fees to Rs 7 lakh a year for A category seats and much higher for B and C categories in 2017, violating the fee regulation committee rules which mandate that hike should not be more than five per cent in a year, the students went to the court.

The court ruled in their favour and told them to pay 50 per cent of the fees and give a bond for the balance amount to be paid as directed by the court at a later date.

Accordingly, the students paid Rs 3.4 lakh and started their medical education, along with pledging the declaration for the balance amount, which is yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students have finished their medical course and are waiting to take their certificates, which the colleges are not giving as the balance fee has not been paid.

“Because where they (students) can tell and to whom they can tell? They told the university, they told the government and we are unable to do anything, so it is up to the legal system,” said Sankar.

He said the court has already positively responded to the students’ plea, directing the colleges to give the certificates by taking an affidavit that the balance amount will be paid after the court judgment.

“They (colleges) are not obeying the judgment. So again they (students) have to approach the court,” he said.

Incidentally, the students have been making all possible efforts. To their misfortune, holidays, coronavirus and other issues are proving to be big impediments to their efforts.

“We do not know how to approach the Supreme Court as our fundamental rights are being violated. It may cost us exorbitantly,” said a private medical college student.

According to the affected students, the colleges cartel had retaliated by slashing the salary from Rs 90,000 to Rs 65,000 for senior residents because they had approached the court for relief.

Some have allegedly not even paid the stipend to students. Meanwhile, the private colleges are said to be highly influential, armed with powerful lawyers and doing everything at their disposal to negate the students’ efforts.

Though the varsity is the authority, Sankar said the college managements have rebuffed it by stating that the varsity cannot dictate terms to the colleges.

More than 1,500 MS and MD students are sitting idle and three months have already lapsed since they passed out.

“Though we are getting senior resident opportunities in other states, we are unable to go because the colleges are not giving us our certificates while the colleges in Andhra Pradesh are not allowing us to become senior residents,” said a student from a private college.

In addition to not giving the certificates for the courses which the students pursued in their colleges, these institutes are also sitting on their earlier academic certificates such as Class X, intermediate, MBBS and others.
Source From : Times Of India

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