US welcomes India’s rise: Joe Biden

US welcomes India’s rise: Joe Biden

The US and India share the same democratic values and have a tremendous capability to work together. The two must continue to aspire to the promise of prosperity and security, Joe Biden had told TOI’s Srijana Mitra Das in an interview in 2013 during his first visit to the country as vice president. Excerpts from that interaction:
Please tell us about your visit to India?
Our two nations are striving to make progress and this relationship plays a really important role in that. Our two countries must continue to aspire to the promise of prosperity and security, and that delivering on that promise is something we can do together, through our bilateral cooperation. We see India’s ‘Look East’ policy as an important element in regional cooperation, one that serves our common interests and values.
Regarding regional dynamics, do you see both China and the Taliban becoming more significant players here?
India, China and the United States are all important players in the Asia-Pacific region. Our countries should work together to advance our common economic and security interests. China shares borders and interests with South and Central Asia — it has a real stake in regional cooperation. Regarding the Taliban’s future role, we have been clear that if the Taliban are to have any role in Afghanistan’s political future, they will need to break ties with al-Qaida, stop supporting violence and accept the Afghan Constitution.

How would you see US-Pakistan ties evolving, especially considering concerns on both sides, over drone attacks and over dynamics with extremist groups?
The US looks forward to working with the government of Pakistan on a shared agenda — that includes countering terrorism, holding accountable those responsible for terrorist attacks, supporting Pakistan’s economic growth and maintaining close consultations on a range of regional issues.
Which aspects of the US-India relationship are most significant to America — and how do you see ties developing?
India’s rise as a global economic power is one of the most powerful stories of the 21st century. The United States has welcomed India’s emergence and both nations have profited from it.
Our security and counterterrorism cooperation is vitally important to our global stability. India has also long been one of the world’s largest providers of United Nations peacekeepers. Our countries share the same democratic values and we have a tremendous capability to work together.
India is the economic hub of South Asia and plays a significant role in helping to integrate the region. We strongly support the role India has played in Afghanistan.

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