Schools & colleges formally reopen in Assam after 7 months

Schools & colleges formally reopen in Assam after 7 months

GUWAHATI: After remaining shut for seven months since the outbreak of Covid-19, schools and colleges in Assam formally reopened on Monday. However, offline classes in leading universities are yet to start as the state government is not allowing reopening of the hostels yet.

“Those who are from the elite families are attending classes through online mode. If we don’t open schools and colleges, students from rich families will still get seats in medical and engineering but it will be a lost year for those from poor families. For the sake of such students, we took this decision,” state health and education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Monday.

He added, “The objectives of the government behind reopening of educational institutions will fail if the Covid-19 protocols are not followed. With immense concern and mental pressure, we have opened the campuses.”

On the first day of formal reopening, classes began in two shifts from 8 am in the morning and continued till 3:30 pm. Body temperature was checked for all students, while many of them made arrangements for hand washing on campuses. Even as only 12-15% of the enrolled students were attending offline classes when schools and colleges were reopened (on voluntary basis) for students from classes 9 to 12 on September 21, the turnout was comparatively better on Monday.

In upper primary, secondary and senior secondary schools, classes for students of VI, VIII, X and XII will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Classes for students of VII, IX and XI will be conducted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Students of undergraduate (UG) first semester will have their classes on Monday and Thursday, while students of UG third semester will have their classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The students of UG fifth semester will have their classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Students can come to the institutions, provided their parents have no objection and as such a written undertaking from the parents should be produced in schools and colleges. “Attendance must not be enforced and must depend entirely on parental consent,” the SOP issued by the government clarified.

Source From : Times Of India

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