When SRK’s look-alike got dragged by cops

When SRK’s look-alike got dragged by cops

Usually, he spends Shah Rukh Khan’s birthdays by cutting a cake and praying for the actor’s good health and great career, however, last year was much different. Prashant Walde, famous for being the actor’s lookalike, remembers how he was dragged by the cops to Bandra police station on Nov 2, 2019.
“I was in Bandra last year, and I thought I would celebrate the day with Shah Rukh bhai. So I got a cake and a bouquet of flowers for him. When I reached Mannat, (his home in Mumbai), I could see large number of people waiting for his sight. I called his staff and they told me that I could only meet him at 1 pm, and it was just 11 am. So, I decided to headback home,” remembers Prashant who has worked in numerous films and ads starring SRK, as his body double.

He further adds, “When I moved towards my cab, I could see hoards of people moving towards me calling out SRK’s name. Suddenly, I found myself in a pool of people who were trying to get a selfie thinking that it was the real Shah Rukh Khan. Some even started crying. I thought I would get mowed down, but luckily cops came to my rescue and pulled me out. Though, they thought I was purposely dressed like SRK and it led to chaos, so they dragged me to the police station. Meanwhile, I got a call from the actor’s staff asking me to come there by 2 pm, but then the cops had already warned me to not be seen in the area again as it led to unwanted ruckus. So, I left.” Source From : Times Of India

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