Honey Singh on his fond memories with SRK

Honey Singh on his fond memories with SRK

Shah Rukh Khan turned a year younger today and on the special occasion we spoke to Yo Yo Honey Singh who impressed one and all with his song, ‘Lungi Dance’ in ‘Chennai Express’. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Honey Singh opened up about his bond with King Khan, fond memories of working with the superstar, and more. Excerpts…
What was your first reaction when you were approached to sing for Shah Rukh Khan?
I was about to catch a flight to Dubai from Goa when I got a call from my industrialist friend saying Shah Rukh Khan wants to meet me. I thought if Shah Rukh sir was reaching out to me, it should have been through someone from the industry. Why would he call me through someone from the other industry? So I didn’t believe him at first. Later, when I realised it was true, I was amazed. I was over the moon when I went to Mannat to meet him.

What are your fondest memories of working with him?
I have lots of memories of Shah Rukh Khan from both, before and after meeting him. We had so much fun while we were making ‘Lungi Dance’. I also remember the moment we had when the song became super hit. I also have fond memories of going on the Australia-New Zealand tour with him. We have clicked every time we met. My memories with Shah Rukh Khan are like a dream which is very real.


Were you nervous when you first saw him? What was your first impression of him?
I have never been nervous about anything in my life. It is simply not in my nature. Even when I went to meet Shah Rukh sir, I was quite excited and not at all nervous. But the moment I saw him, I became nervous. However, he put me at ease instantly with his humble nature and sweet gestures. We both hail from Delhi so whatever conversation we had that day, it was in a proper Delhi accent. I was amazed by the fact that he has been in Mumbai for so long but his Delhi accent remained intact. He is a very sweet person but even the biggest of celebrities become nervous in front of him.

Any incident or instance you recall with SRK that you will always remember?
Every time I meet him, the moment becomes memorable for me. However, I do remember an incident that increased my respect for Shah Rukh Khan. After the success of ‘Lungi Dance’, he personally called me and invited me to his house for a Diwali party. I basically live in Delhi so I told him I was in the capital city and that it would be difficult for me to come to Mumbai for a party but he insisted. I also told him that I barely knew anybody from the industry at that time. However, he remained adamant.

I finally went to the party with one of my friends. When I reached Mannat, Shah Rukh sir was outside, seeing off Madhuri Dixit. Later, we went inside. He knew that I was not from this industry and that I didn’t know much people there. He literally caught my hand and for the next two hours, he introduced me to each and every person at the party and it included directors, actors, and musicians. He was also all praise for me. It is a moment that I will always remember throughout my life. That is the day I realised why SRK rules over millions of hearts. He is not only the King of Bollywood but the king of our hearts too.


What is that one quality in SRK that makes him stand out from others?
The entire world knows that he is an amazing actor but very few people get the opportunity to work with him and spend time with him. He has a charming personality. He has given me a lot of love after ‘Lungi Dance’. When I went on a tour with him, he taught me about things and gave me career advices.

Some people will tell you what to do but very few tell you what not to do in your life. Shah Rukh sir told me what not to do. Despite being a superstar, he makes you comfortable with his humble nature in no time. I have never met a person like him.

How is he as an individual off-camera?
Off-camera, Shah Rukh Khan is the most grounded and humble human being you will ever see. He is like you when he is with you and it is a great thing. He simply does not have any airs about him. Apart from being a talented actor, he is also very knowledgeable and witty. I have learnt a lot from him. He made me realise my strength and work on my weaknesses.


What is your favourite SRK film?
I love all of Shah Rukh sir’s films but ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…’ are my all-time favourite.

One song that you felt you should have sung for him?
The song that I have sung for him is the best. I don’t want to sing the song that somebody has already sung for him. I composed, sung and performed with Shah Rukh sir in ‘Lungi Dance’. It is a great deal for me. I think in the future people might wish that they had sung ‘Lungi Dance’ for him.

One message you would like to give him on his birthday this year.
I am nobody to wish anything for him. However, I have something to ask from him. I want him to do a film with his original ‘Delhi accent’. I would love to see him do that on screen.

Source From : Times Of India

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