Successfully Navigate First Year Engineering Admission Complexities with Vidyalankar’s Webinars

Successfully Navigate First Year Engineering Admission Complexities with Vidyalankar’s Webinars

Ensure that your child gets in the right engineering branch and the right engineering college; gain precise guidance from an education brand with six decades of experience and expertise


Finalizing your child’s admission to an ideal career-linked course after Class XII entails taking certain decisions at certain stages of the process. An informed decision taker can make the right choices and pave the way for that student’s academic and career triumphs. For instance, engineering has always been a preferred career and the gateway to accomplish the goal of Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) course.

One of the main reasons why students and their parents prefer engineering as a career is that as per AICTE Surveys, it continues to create the most employable talent even in this day and age. The employability of a B.E. degree has continued to be much far greater than that of other courses.

Plus, adherence to AICTE norms ensures that all colleges under the aegis of University of Mumbai offering the Bachelor of Engineering course meet specified standards, so the quality education is given. Moreover, the career opportunities available on completion of the course are quite noteworthy as well with enviable starting salaries. This is more so in a city like Mumbai which is an established Mecca for both education and career.

So the end goal and gateway are quite clearly outlined. Now that the MHT-CET exams have been held, the next decision is how should one proceed towards the admission process? In a casual way or by being well-prepared and approaching the task in a systematic manner? Any parent who cares about the child’s future will obviously go for the latter option. After all, this is not just a graduation course but it sets the foundation for a career and advanced courses as well.

The reality is that even after scoring well, engineering aspirants and their parents always remain concerned about the new changes introduced and how they will impact the engineering admission process. No matter how often one visits official websites or checks with colleges, there is always the fear of making a mistake that could affect the prospects of a bright engineering career even before it begins.

This is why in order to resolve doubts and empower themselves, students and their parents are registering in large numbers to attend the free awareness webinars by Vidyalankar on ‘How to get BEST College basis your CET percentile’. This is an annually held series of interactive and informative sessions, which hold the answer key to the myriad questions in the minds of the aspirants. What sets these sessions apart and makes them extremely relevant is that they are conceptualized and conducted by Vidyalankar, a reputed education brand with six decades of experience and expertise.



The Vidyalankar webinar sessions of year 2020 have already begun and are once again taking students and their parents through the intricacies of the admission process. They are advised on the methods to be meticulously followed to gain admission to the institute of their preference. Guidelines are also provided on how to prepare for the First Year Engineering exams that will follow.

Personalized counseling sessions are also held for parents and students with assistance provided during the form filling process to avoid likely errors. This year it is likely that the admission process may only be held in two rounds instead of the usual three so those attending the Vidyalankar webinars would have an edge over those who are unprepared.

Every student is being given a free ‘Mission Admission’ booklet outlining comprehensive instructions that completely demystify the entire admission process. All the essential do’s and don’ts are explained to ensure that students can make error free judgments for themselves during each stage of the admission process and their efforts are on the right track.

Mission Admission Booklet

The Vidyalankar ‘Mission Admission’ booklet benefits engineering aspirants and their parents in multiple ways with vital details available at a single glance such as a list of all engineering colleges in Mumbai along with their non-minority/ minority status, fees, branches they offer and websites. It also contains the year 2019 college cutoffs for respective branches for MS seats and All-India seats, analysis of percentile versus state rank for 2019, flowcharts of the entire admission process and explanations as well as FAQs that resolve queries leading to peace of mind.

The experiences and appreciative feedback received by Vidyalankar over the years reflects just how useful the concept has been. Appreciating the thoughtful endeavor, Yash Metkari, a student at Fr. Agnel, Vashi, had shared that his seniors had always recommended that he should attend Vidyalankar’s Mission Admission webinars.

Describing the session as ‘truly very informative’, Yash pointed out the tangible benefits of attending it. “The experts at Vidyalankar not only simplified the engineering admission process and made it easier for me to understand but they also guided on the options available to me in terms of branches of engineering that could be explored as per my aptitude. With their advice and thanks to their supportive nature I was able to get through the process smoothly and secured admission in the college of my choice,” he affirmed.

Pratik Hire, a student at RAIT, echoed Yash’s sentiments. “I attended Vidyalankar’s ‘Mission Admission’ webinar after my CET exams. With the help of the counselors and the clarity that they provided, I was able to list out my options very well in a way that was in sync with the procedure followed. Due to that, I got placed in a good engineering college and was extremely happy to also get the branch of my choice, so I am really grateful to Vidyalankar,” Pratik emphasized.

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Among the parents, Mr. Mirani too lauded the Mission Admission seminars conducted by Vidyalankar, terming them as being useful for students as well as their guardians when it comes to understanding the complexities involved in the entire engineering admission process. He underlined the fact that “The booklet provided valuable information and attending the webinar helped us in writing our college preferences. Eventually, to our jubilation, my daughter secured admission in her dream college. Thank U Vidyalankar!!!”

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The Vidyalankar webinars are managed by a team of professionals who have studied the admission process thoroughly and their deep insight into the system allows them to assist students and clarify all their doubts. It is a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive that Vidyalankar adheres to and attempts in all possible ways to give back to society in large measures.

So, don’t delay, take the first step now to gain complete clarity about the first year engineering admission process. Engineering aspirants and their parents can register by calling 7045018539 or visiting

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of VES by Mediawire team.

Source From : Times Of India

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