National daily Covid tally crosses 3 lakh after 8 months; 350+ deaths | India News – Times of India

National daily Covid tally crosses 3 lakh after 8 months; 350+ deaths | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Wednesday saw a new high for the third wave as the count of daily Covid cases crossed 3 lakh. After a brief respite for three days — Saturday, Sunday and Monday — when there was a decline in cases, the count is climbing rapidly again for the past two days. With data from some states still awaited, the national tally stood at 3,04,416 as of 11pm. India last reported over 3 lakh cases on May 15 (3,11,077). In the third wave, which has seen a near-exponential rise in cases from December 27, it took just 23 days to push the daily count over 3 lakh. The second wave, which started in the middle of February last year, took over 60 days to reach the mark on April 21 when it was nearing its peak. As many as 356 deaths were reported as of 11pm and the toll is likely to cross Tuesday’s count of 357 as data from Punjab, Jharkhand and Tripura, among others, were yet to come. Since last September, the daily toll had not crossed 300 until recently. Fortunately, the fatality rate of this wave is far lower than the second wave’s. At the level of 3 lakh cases, over 2,000 daily deaths were being reported in the second wave. At the global level, India is the second worst-hit country after the US. On January 17, the date for which the latest data on new cases is available for the US, the country reported more than 8.7 lakh fresh infections. Comparable international data for worst-hit countries shows that in January, Argentina was the only other country apart from India and the US that reported over 1 lakh daily cases. The tally for France and Italy, which had reported more than 1 lakh cases on January 17, was below a lakh for January 18. The death data shows that so far, daily fatalities in India are lower than in countries like the US, Russia, Canada, Mexico and Poland. Barring US, the daily case count for all others is lower than in India. Among states, Maharashtra topped the list and was followed by Karnataka, both reporting more than 40,000 cases on Wednesday. Kerala reported more than 30,000 cases and was followed by Tamil Nadu and Gujarat where the daily count was over 20,000. Six states reported over 10,000 cases; the list included Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh in the order of high to low cases. For 12 states, the count was above 1,000 while nine states (mostly in the northeast) and UTs reported less 1,000 fresh cases on Wednesday. Eleven states reported more than 10 deaths on Wednesday. Maharashtra and Kerala — each reporting 49 deaths — were at the top of the list while the count was over 30 for West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

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