GATE 2021: Newly introduced Environmental Science and Humanities get more applicants

GATE 2021: Newly introduced Environmental Science and Humanities get more applicants

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT B), which is organising the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2021), has noted a fair number of applications for newly introduced two subjects Environmental Science and Engineering (ES) and Humanities and Social Sciences (XH) as compared to some of the existing papers.

These two news subjects – ES (Environmental Science and Engineering) and XH (Humanities and Social Sciences), have been added to the list, taking the total to 27 subjects in GATE 2021.

Deepankar Choudhury, professor of Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay and GATE 2021 organising chairman, confirmed GATE 2021 has received a total of 14,804 and 14,196 applications for Environmental Science and Humanities, respectively. This number is comparatively more than the existing nine subjects including Biomedical Engineering, Statistics and Textile and Fibre Engineering.

There has been a slight increase in the number of registrations as compared to last year. GATE 2021 has received more than 8 lakh applications for the exam.

“The institute has got 8.83 lakh applications for GATE 2021 as compared to 8.77 lakh registrations for the GATE 2020,” informs Choudhury. Registration for the exam closed on October 14 and the exams are scheduled from February 5-7 and February 12-14, 2021.

Subject-wise registration
Biomedical Engineering (BM) which was introduced last year, is among the three subjects that received low applications.

Apart from Biomedical Engineering, Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF), Statistics (ST) are two other subjects which have got the lowest registration counts. “A total of 1990 and 2026 applications have been received for Statistics and Textile Engineering and Fibre, respectively. For BM, only 2292 candidates have registered,” says Choudhury.

“Few institutes in India offer Biomedical Engineering at the undergraduate level, which could be the reason for limited takers for this subject in GATE,” says the organising chairman.

“Besides, Ecology and Evolution, Production and Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering are six subjects which have got the lowest registration counts as compared to new entrants Humanities and Environmental Science and Engineering,” he adds.

Female applicants

This year, female registrations for the GATE have also increased by 10,000 to 2.9 lakh. “Addition of Humanities might be attributed to an increase in female candidates. Close to 60% of applicants in Humanities are represented by female aspirants,” he says. A total of 8600 female applications have been received in the Humanities category.

Zone-wise registration
The ongoing pandemic has led to the real demographic representation of the candidates in the exam as some of the candidates have returned to their native places due to closure of educational institutions and work from the home facility for some of the working professionals.
“The location of the candidates got re-adjusted which led to an increase in the number of applications in Guwahati, Kanpur and Kharagpur regions,” he adds.
For GATE 2020, 52,553 candidates applied in IIT Guwahati region while Kharagpur and Kanpur had 1,14,794 and 73,618 registrations, respectively in 2020.
Zonal registration figures

IIT Bombay 1.76 lakh
IIT Kharagpur 1.3 lakh
IIT Madras 1.28 lakh
IISc Bangalore 1.2 lakh
IIT Delhi 1.13 lakh
IIT Kanpur 87,025
IIT Guwahati 68,480
IIT Roorkee 59,905

Source From : Times Of India

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