Diplo on ‘living with’ Quenlin Blackwell

Diplo on ‘living with’ Quenlin Blackwell

Diplo is addressing those allegations that he is “living with” 19-year-old TikTok star, Quenlin Blackwell. Taking to his Twitter handle to set the record straight on some unconfirmed rumours doing the rounds.
“OK so I rent one of my properties to @quenblackwell. And yes I use the studio that is in that building. Her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and I can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us,” The Grammy-winner said while refuting romance rumours.

He went on to add, ‘As a landlord I don’t really consider age or race as a qualification. U just gotta pay security deposit. And don’t poke holes in the walls or ruin my carpet.’

When a fan asked him if he “couldn’t have just bought her an apartment,” he said, “I got my own kids to take care of and mortgages to pay”

Earlier this week, 19-year-old Blackwell shocked fans when she revealed that she was currently living with the 41-year-old DJ.

“I live with Diplo right now, and he fully supports my endeavours,” Quenlin said smiling.

When asked why they lived together, Diplo said it’s because he has “no other friends.”

Shortly after their statements went viral, fans voiced their concerns about the living arrangements, citing their 22-year age difference.

Slamming rumours of an alleged relationship, Quenlin took to her Twitter handle and said, “I’m an adult. I’m not being groomed. Platonic relationships exist,” Quenlin started. “I’ve been living here over a year…I’d rather break both of my legs and before forced to walk than pursue Diplo romantically and he’d rather choke. He’s barley [sic] in LA bc he’s so busy.”

“Diplo has given me the opportunity and security to create. Diplo and his team are my mentors in LA and they are my safety net. Diplo and his team have saved me numerous times from the weirdos in La. My parents trust him. I trust him. Y’all are making me feel icky. Diplo is my LA dad..nothing more,” she said in a statement.

Source From : Times Of India

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