Student of Victorious Kidss Educares Vishwajeet Gavhane sets up foundation to help needy

Student of Victorious Kidss Educares Vishwajeet Gavhane sets up foundation to help needy

PUNE: A quiet student of Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), Vishwajeet Gavhane, middle year programme 2, student has started amongst few others in helping others, in this Covid-19 situation for the truck drivers and destitute children. Vishwajeet has set up a foundation called ‘Our Helperz’ for the needy people during this Covid pandemic.
Vishwajeet said, “We are a group of youngsters and we like to help the needy and work for our society, inspire children to do these activities and make our future better. ‘Helping others is our passion. We get to learn about giving nature.”
The aim behind helping truck drivers was the hard work they do for their family. “They do not get any job in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh so they come to Maharashtra to earn money and it is a really sad feeling so we should help them more and work for our society.”

Vishwajeet and his cousins have started helping the needy people and doing work for society. So the first aim was to give needy people their own handmade food and some snacks. “I did this because from my heart I was feeling bad by looking their lifestyle so I decided that I have to help the people and the next activity I did was giving masks to truck drivers because they travel more and they should be safe while travelling so we decided to give them masks,” said Vishwajeet.

Vishwajeet also credited his parents in this deed as they provided him things that he needed. “We are sanitizing our hands and wearing masks while we are helping others or distributing the food and masks. We are taking membership from neighbours, friends and family and some members are also providing some items for distribution.”
Source From : Times Of India

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