Celebs excited to get back to gyms: Trainers

Celebs excited to get back to gyms: Trainers

It’s been seven months since the paparazzi snapped celebrities moving in and out of their sanctum sanctorum — the gyms! Blame it on the pandemic, which led the fitness conscious stars to work out from their homes instead. Come October 25, fitness centres are set to reopen, and celebrities can’t wait to hit their favourite gyms. Bombay Times spoke with fitness trainers who ensured that their celebrity clients got their daily dose of workouts, virtually, throughout the lockdown. They also reveal the glitteratis’ plans as they get set to resume their fitness regime in the gym.

Hrithik Roshan with Satyajit Chourasia

If Hrithik Roshan doesn’t work out, he gets restless: Satyajit Chourasia

While talking about Hrithik Roshan’s dedication towards fitness, trainer Satyajit Chourasia says, “Working out is Hrithik’s lifestyle, he cannot live without it. So, we have been connecting twice a week and working out for two hours throughout the lockdown. He has set up a beautiful gym in his house, where he does power training. If he doesn’t work out, he gets restless. Sometimes Zayed (Khan) joins us too. Hrithik loves to eat and indulges in chocolates at night, but he also sees to it that he burns it all off the next morning.”

Sara Ali Khan with Namrata Purohit

Sara Ali Khan used to train five days a week, for 45 minutes each: Namrata Purohit

Namrata Purohit is all praise for actress Sara Ali Khan, who, she says, kept to her fitness drill, no matter what. She reveals, “Sara has been working out for five days a week throughout the lockdown; I made her focus on cardio. Each day we would spend 45 minutes doing different exercises. She already had dumbbells and resistance bands at home. A workout routine that Sara genuinely enjoyed was that of the slides, using a towel. It’s excellent on the core and deeper muscles. Must say, the virtual fitness sessions were great, the only glitch was that if they decided to stop mid-way, I couldn’t give them a little whack (laughs!).”

Varun Dhawan with Prashant Sawant

Varun Dhawan lives in the gym: Prashant Sawant

Prashant Sawant says that the news about gyms reopening in Mumbai has left Varun excited. He adds, “Varun doesn’t only work out, he literally ‘lives’ in the gym! It’s his second home. I have been training him, virtually, through the lockdown. Like many others, he had slowed down too, but then I got him back on track by encouraging him to push his limits. In fact, he injured himself, while working out at home. He got a muscle pull on his shoulder, so he took to yoga. He is fine now and looking forward to working out with me at the gym.”

Janhvi Kapoor with Namrata Purohit

Janhvi Kapoor borrowed a reformer from Arjun Kapoor: Namrata Purohit

Namrata says that Janhvi Kapoor is excited to get back to the gym. She reveals, “Janhvi wants to work on her glutes and told me that she cannot wait anymore to hit the gym. While at home, I made her do a lot of mat Pilates, and some exercises using dumbbells. I had also sent her a stability chair from the reformer. She worked out on that quite a bit. In fact, Arjun (Kapoor, brother) has a reformer at home, and so she borrowed it from him. The best part about virtual workouts was that sometimes we would do group video calls (with other celebrity clients), that way we exercised and also had our share of gossip (laughs!).”

Tiger Shroff with Rajendra Dhole

Tiger Shroff set up a gym at his place in one day just before the lockdown: Rajendra Dhole

Rajendra Dhole is impressed with Tiger Shroff’s dedication to fitness. He says, “Tiger is so disciplined about his fitness that he set up a gym at his place in one day, on hearing about the lockdown. We did training every alternate day through video sessions. We did intense cardio and weight training. Tiger has a sweet tooth and loves his kulfi and ice creams, but the good thing about him is that if he consumes cheat food, he doubles his workout routine. The two of us are now excited to meet and work out at the gym once again. Tiger is a heavy lifter and he missed doing that at home. So, I have planned intense, challenging weight training sessions for him. He has also asked me to design a kickboxing routine for him, which he wants to pursue once he is back at the gym.”

Source From : Times Of India

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