Sunny on being an outsider in Bollywood

Sunny on being an outsider in Bollywood

Sunny Leone has very successfully created a space for herself in the hearts of millions of people in India and Bollywood with her beauty and talent. Despite being an outsider, the actress said that she has been able to create her path and everyone has been kind to her.
Talking to a news portal, Sunny reportedly said things have been very different from when she started her journey eight years ago. According to her, it’s always with time and perseverance that one squeezes one’s way into their own little world. The actress added being an insider or an outsider, there is so much work in India and you can create your own path. She also added that everyone has been very kind to her.

Elaborating more, Sunny added that she is literally an outsider in India but she made her own choices and decisions in life and it took a lot of time for people to understand. According to her, one has to work hard to get somewhere.

Sunny also went on to add that she doesn’t feel much of an outsider now. She stated that her husband Daniel Weber and she just had to go by what was on their plate and what was being offered, working and submerging themselves in this whole industry and network. She added that the people and society here is completely different from that in the United States.

Apart from her professional achievements, Sunny is also a proud mother to three of her adorable children – Nisha, Asher and Noah.
Source From : Times Of India

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