Biden-Harris admn will be a friend and an ally to India: Sabrina Singh

Biden-Harris admn will be a friend and an ally to India: Sabrina Singh

WASHINGTON: Sabrina Singh, US Press Secretary to Senator Kamala Harris, on Thursday (local time) said that if elected as the US President, Joe Biden plans to advance the relationship between India and the United States.
In an exclusive interview with ANI, Singh said that Biden aims to resonate with the Indian-American community via his plans on higher education, reducing student loans and bringing back jobs in the US.
Replying to a question on whether the Modi factor will play any role to woo the Indian American voters, she said, “We have a plan to actually invest and bring jobs back here to the US and grow our economy. We have a plan when it comes to, whether it is on seeking higher education, reducing student loans or addressing our climate by actually believing in science. I cannot believe that the current President does not trust experts and scientists. I think this is will resonate with the Indian-American community.”
“Biden-Harris administration will be a friend and an ally to India. We will be working together to grow our economy. Advancing our relationship between the two countries is something that Joe Biden is going to focus on,” she said when asked if the Biden administration will take a strong position on terrorism, especially emanating terrorism from the Indian subcontinent.”When it comes to terrorism or any country or organisations that want to sow hate or discord or disrupt. I think you will see Joe Biden hold countries accountable.”
Speaking on whether prominent Indian Americans like Nisha Biswal, president of the US-India Business Council (USIBC) and also former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs in the United States Department of State and Richard Verma, former US Ambassador to India would hold senior positions in the Biden Harris administration, Sabrina said that the answer will best be given after the results of the US Presidential elections.
There are speculations that Sabrina Singh might be holding the post of Press Secretary of the White House with Biden coming into power.
Sabrina Singh was born into the family of Sardar Jag Jit Singh, who was the man behind former President Harry Truman’s signing of the Luce-Celler Act, establishing an immigrant quota and enabling resident South Asians in the US to seek naturalisation.
Responding to what would her grandfather have done for the Indian American community if he was here in 2020, she said, “I think what he would say is to get even more involved. I do not know exactly his exact words but I think he would certainly encourage community involvement if you want to better your community. You are not going to be able to do that if you’re not in those rooms where those decisions are being made. So I think he would say, just make sure that you do have a seat at that table.”

Source From : Times Of India

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