HBD Prabhas: The ‘darling’ of the masses

HBD Prabhas: The ‘darling’ of the masses

Prabhas turns 41 on October 23 and fans took to social media since midnight to wish him on the special day. The actor became a household name ever since he made his debut in 2002 with Eeswar in the Telugu states but became recognised worldwide once he starred in SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali. While fans have a million reasons to love their ‘darling’, take a look at five reasons why he’s a darling of the masses:

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#1 Handsomeness personified

Good looks, good looks, good looks, and need we even say more? This aaru adugula andagadu would make anyone swoon! Right from the get-go Prabhas has always bowled people over with his charming good looks that make him seem like a dream come true.

Prabhas Roles.

#2 Unmatched acting chops

Prabhas is not just known for looking like a dream boy out of a romance novel, he also has the ability to pour life into every character of his. Every film of his from Eeswar to Baahubali and Saaho has worked because he was able to convince the audience of his character.


#3 A total sweetheart

The star is a sweetheart of the masses not just because of his work, no! He is also always the first one to step up in time of need with his charity work. Recently, he even donated Rs 1 Cr 50 lakh to the Telangana state government to help the Hyderabad flood victims.

Prabhas Anushka.

#4 The perfect BFF

Look at pictures of his with Anushka Shetty, Allu Arjun or Rana and you will see that he truly seems to cherish his friendships with co-stars. He seems like the perfect buddy everyone can rely one, someone who will prank you but also be there with you in time of need.


#5 A total foodie

The best part? Prabhas is as addicted to good food as any of us. He cannot do without his Bheemavaram chef no matter where he is in the world and is fond of biryani too. When he was bulking up for Baahubali, his cheat days involved eating different kinds of biryani.
Source From : Times Of India

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