Geeta: Cricketers’ spouses are easy targets

Geeta: Cricketers’ spouses are easy targets

Actress Geeta Basra, who is happily married to cricketer Harbhajan Singh, recently opened up about being a “soft target” of trolls when her husband does not perform well in the game.
Talking about the same to a news portal, Geeta reportedly said that die-hard fans of the sport need some kind of excuse or scapegoat. For them, wives and girlfriends are easy targets. According to her, people target them and say it happened because of them and that they’re a bad omen, but don’t say anything when someone does perform well.

Elaborating further, Geeta added that people find it easy to go into the negative zone and throw remarks at someone, or blame someone rather than praise them. She added that the wives are not going and playing for them, neither are they a part of the team or training them. According to her, it is easy to make wives soft targets.

Although Geeta too has been subjected to such troll, she stated that she never let things like that bother her. According to her, they go and enjoy the game and support their husbands. However, she also added that such trolls are uncalled for.

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh married in 2015 and are today proud parents to their lovely daughter Hinaaya Heer Plaha.

Source From : Times Of India

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