Car rams Capitol barricade, 1 police officer killed; driver shot dead

Car rams Capitol barricade, 1 police officer killed; driver shot dead

Streets surrounding the US Capitol and congressional office buildings were locked down, with a heavy police presence, on Friday, an eyewitness said, while Capitol police said that a motorist had tried to run down two officers, and was subsequently shot dead.
US Capitol Police said that one of the police officers had also died, while the other two officers are hospitalised.
The slain police officer has been identified as William Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force.
They further added that the suspect did not appear to wrestle with the police officers.
“Even though the attacker left the vehicle with a knife in his hand and had run towards the police officers,” the Capitol Police was quoted as saying.

The incident is believed to be not terror-related, the Police clarified in their statement later.
“This has been an extremely difficult time for US after Jan 6 riots,” the Capitol Police said.
Earlier, all roads leading to the complex were blocked by police or police officers.
A helicopter was seen hovering overhead and observers were ordered to leave the area. Videos from the scene showed what appeared to be two people on stretchers being loaded into ambulances.

Authorities have begun only in the past couple of weeks to remove the outer ring of high, razor-wire-topped fencing erected around the sprawling Capitol complex after the Jan. 6 rampage.
It comes as the Washington region remains on edge nearly three months after a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol as Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden’s presidential win.
The US Capitol complex was placed on lockdown after the shooting and staff were told they could not enter or exit buildings.

Capitol Police say that someone “rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers” and that a suspect was taken into custody. AP Photo

The incident occurred about 100 yards (91 meters) from the entrance of the building on the Senate side of the Capitol. Fencing that prevented vehicular traffic near that area was recently removed as the Capitol has started to open up after the January 6 riots.
The security checkpoint is typically used by senators and staff on weekdays. Congress is currently on recess.
Video posted online showed a dark colored sedan crashed against a vehicle barrier and a police K9 inspecting the vehicle. Law enforcement and paramedics could be seen caring for at least one unidentified individual.
President Joe Biden had just departed the White House for Camp David when the incident occurred. As customary, he was traveling with a member of the National Security Council Staff who was expected to brief him on the incident.
Source From : Times Of India

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