Last 30 Days Tips To Ace CBSE ICSE Board Exams 2021 | How To Crack JEE MAIN, NEET, CLAT 2021 Exams

Last 30 Days Tips To Ace CBSE ICSE Board Exams 2021 | How To Crack JEE MAIN, NEET, CLAT 2021 Exams

While Students are preparing according to the revised CBSE ICSE Date sheet for 2021 Board Exams. Pro-tip: Self-confidence, discipline and study materials par excellence are the keys to a better result in examination and thereby, a better and brighter future.

CBSE & ICSE Question Banks For 2021 Board Exams

Students need to understand that CBSE and ICSE Board Exams 2021 are not preliminary examinations – they are carried out on a national level. However, it has an underlying pattern, which, if figured out, would make it a lot easier for the students to cope with the syllabus and even answer the toughest of questions with some finesse.

The last 30 days before the examination are the most crucial. That is why most experts believe that CBSE and ICSE question banks for 2021 Board Exams are probably the best weapons in your arsenal. Depending on the kind of book you buy, you can get a topic-wise or chapter-wise presentation of the entire curriculum. This helps you devise your respective strategies and study in a more organized and methodical manner. Also, some Question Banks, like those by Oswaal Books, contain Mind Maps, Most Likely Questions and Suggestive videos, at the end of chapters that make the learning process more thorough and interactive.


  • Accumulation of questions from the previous years, helps students understand the pattern of the examination
  • Includes some of the most challenging questions that can help rehearse the students and prepare them for the same
  • Based off of the latest and most updated CBSE and ICSE curriculum
  • Self-assessment on the deepest and most exam-oriented level
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CBSE & ICSE Sample Papers for 2021 Board Exams

The requirement of sample papers arises from the dire need of pushing oneself towards academic brilliance with no respite. Sample papers, unlike question banks, include some unconventional and uncommon questions that may or may not appear in the examination paper. Also, sample papers have a way of testing the students’ aptitude in a very thorough manner.

There is no better way to evaluate yourself than to solve a number of sample papers and with only a months’ time (30 days) in hand, you need to solve every sample paper you can get your hands on. These papers are usually drafted by some of the most brilliant academic minds with years of experience. Therefore, by solving these CBSE & ICSE sample papers for 2021 Board Exams, not only are you pitting yourself against some of the toughest questions that will ultimately help you outshine yourself, but you are also developing some amount of competence in handling challenging and critical questions in the best way possible. Now, if the Sample Papers contain special study sections like On Tips for effortless revision sessions, comments by examiners, Mind Maps or tips to help clear concepts, like Oswaal Books’ Sample Papers, then the job becomes so much easier.


  • Helps students tap into the minds of potential prospective examiners
  • Helps clear concepts much faster and much more efficiently
  • Contains rare and invaluable questions that can help the student stay ahead of the rest
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JEE Mains Solved Papers & Mock Test Sample Papers For 2021 Exams

What helps a student more than a problem? The answer is the solution to the problem. Solved Papers are like a blessing to students who struggle to draft the perfect answers with the correct sentence structuring and the right amount of information. JEE is an extremely competitive examination and to secure a good rank in just 30 days, you need to know JEE Mains Solved Papers like the back of your hand.

These Solved Papers contain invaluable and rare information that not a lot of books encompass. Studying these solved papers will instantly set you a few steps ahead of the curve (which is what you need to excel in an exam like JEE Mains). Redefining systematic learning is what Solved Papers have done. If you cannot find the answer to a particular question or you think that it requires a more tailored answer, all you need to do is go through the Solved Papers.


  • Provides solutions to answers which makes it a studying textbook as well as a great tool for revision
  • Helps in doubt-clearing and independent studying session
  • Improves your conceptual clarity and your ability to articulate and paraphrase answers with emphasis on the focal points
  • Teaches you to be more objective and to-the-point
mediawire_image_0JEE Main 2021 Exams | JEE MAIN 2021 Question Banks & Sample Papers

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JEE MAIN Sample Papers 2021: Test Your Preparation With JEE MAIN Mock Test Sample Papers for 2021 Exams:


  • 15 Mock Test for JEE (Main)- Designed after a thorough research & include all typologies of Questions specified by the NTA.
  • JEE (Main) Previous Years Papers: 2019 & 2020
  • Subjective Analysis to get on top of the test paper pattern
  • Mind Maps of related subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Oswaal Mnemonics to boost memory and confidence
  • Easy to Scan QR Codes for online content

Topper’s Handbook For JEE & NEET 2021 Exams

NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is easily one of the most renowned and one of the most dreaded competitive examinations in the country. As you can decipher from the name itself, your eligibility is put to test here against thousands of students from across the country. Just 30 days of time to prepare for NEET is a bit of a close call. However, if you study from NEET Topper’s Handbook, then it is a different story altogether.

The methodology, the mindset – everything you need to develop yourself into a batch topper is included within the pages of these books. They provide you with a comprehensive and systematically arranged set of information that is easy to retain and recall. Furthermore, with the help of various studying tools that these books contain (for example, Hybrid Learning videos, Concept maps, exam cracking tips, etc.) students do not need to crumble under the immense pressure of preparing everything within 30 days – it is basically simplified and put on a silver platter for them. Also, there is no better way to gain conceptual clarity than to read and digest NEET Topper’s Handbook.


  • You have tips from experts that can help you cover the syllabus faster and more exhaustively.
  • The appendix, hybrid learning videos, etc. constitute a set of extremely effective learning tools that affect real-time learning
  • A much more methodical and structured way of learning that reduces the burden of studying with tried-and-tested studying strategies
  • Shapes the students’ mind to always stay in the lead
mediawire_image_0JEE MAIN & NEET 2021 Toppers’ Handbook

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CLAT Sample Question Papers for 2021 Exams

Law is an immersive subject and it is so layered that unless you are proficient in it, it is very difficult to excel in. CLAT examinations are a nightmare to prepare for; even for meritorious students. With only 30 days remaining, students should focus on solving Sample Question Papers to cover grounds, clear doubts and to absorb additional information for the purpose of incorporating those details in the answers for better marks.

In order to prepare for CLAT in just 30 days, you need a crash-course and no better way to do that but by solving sample question papers. For example, Oswaal Books’ CLAT Sample Question Paper has been updated with the latest typologies and also has some of the more challenging and critically evaluative questions that can help students achieve better marks. Furthermore, students should look for a sample question paper book that also contains the solutions. This way, they get the best of both worlds – a grilling test that sharpens their thinking and processing skills and a solutions book that can act as a reference guide and revision tool as well.


  • Contains tricky and challenging questions that force you to think outside the box.
  • Simple and elementary solutions, to complicated problems, that teaches the students how to effectively break down the questions.

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With these pro-tips and a full-proof plan, you can easily master your subjects and score good marks.

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