Anshula joins Janhvi and Khushi in New York

Anshula joins Janhvi and Khushi in New York

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor have company in the US. It’s their darling sister Anshula who has joined them. This is the first holiday that the three girls are having together. A source says, “The three girls felt that they needed to spend some time with each other away from the hustle-bustle of usual life.”
ETimes now has it that Anshula flew out from Mumbai rather quietly on March 29. Meanwhile, Janhvi and Khushi had reached NY from Los Angeles, where Janhvi had joined Khushi a few days prior to that. Janhvi has gone to the US for a holiday plus she’s also helping Khushi to scout for the right course and university for the acting course she wants to join-a story broken by ETimes on March 15.

Just on the verge of leaving for LA, Janhvi had given us an exclusive interview, talking about a host of things like vanity, trolls, movies, paparazzi, and Khushi’s debut, which we hear might happen next year.

Anshula is expected to stay in New York for a few days. However, Janhvi will head back for Mumbai soon. Post that, Anshula will arrive in the city. As for Boney, we are still not in the know when he plans to come back. Actually, it is not yet decided if Boney will return alone or with Khushi; it all depends on when Khushi’s term in her acting course begins.

Source From : Times Of India

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